An intensive course of driving lessons is a fast track route to pass if you’re in a hurry!

Our intensive course driving lessons are available in the Altrincham,Sale and Stockport areas.

Decide how quickly you want to pass and consider your own driving experience so far. It could be that you failed your test recently and 6-10 hours intensive driving lessons will be all you need. Maybe you are just starting to drive and will need between 30 and 40 hours intensive driving lessons.We will then to get you a quick find driving test shortly after the course has finished which is included in the price.Remember to save 2 hours for your test day.


All our crash courses include the practical
driving test fee.

Course lengths are flexible.

Guaranteed pass course £1998:

You will pass your test with this course.






1 day 5hrs hour course: £285
Suitable for those pupils who failed a test or at test standard.

2 day 10hrs hour course: £430
Suitable for those who are very close to test standard and are confident drivers.

3 day 15hrs hour course: £526
Great course for those who have good control of the car,confident with round-abouts and junctions.

4 day 20hrs hour course: £646
Suitable for those who can drive in traffic and maybe had 15 hours tuition already.

5 day 25hrs hour course: £804
Suitable for beginners with experience in traffic.Popular course.

6 day 30 hours: £898
Suitable for complete beginners or those with minimal experience.Maybe 5 hours tuition already.

7 day 35 hours: 1032
This is the standard beginners course.High pass rate.

8 day 40 hours: 1140
Good course for beginners lacking a little confidence.Strong pass rate with this course.


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